The couch position at IMHQ
is currently:: unoccupied

Interested candidates should submit a one page description and plan of what they would like to accomplish while staying at IMHQ. Details about what projects they would like to complete and who they would like to work with are required. Please email your submission or phone to discuss different opportunities.


Past Guests::

Mark Piron (Prawn)
UK sound-video artist, ki[ss/ck]-ass public performance tactician, and First Recipient of Inter.mission's Master of Media Arts Residency-Internship degree. Mark enjoyed his IM enculturation so much, he married a canadian girl and moved in next door.

Michelle Irving (DJGran, Da Hussy)
At an astounding 78 years of age and at least as many revolutions per minute, DJGrannie is still constently kicking out more bomb jams than any other b-boy on the strip. Da Hussie solo-produces tracks smoother than ex-lax on strained beets, yo! And again! Damn - oh! Misc is forever welcome at IM, as crash pad or laptop-set test lounge, in between Eastern European dj-tours or East-Van bath-house trawls. Find her playing near you and get up!


Velcrow Ripper

Legendary video artist, activist, and documentarian, Velcrow had been a house inspiration and patron art-hero to many of us for years before finally he stumbled in the front door and pitched a tent. An invaluable artist and collaborative spirit, we're all are blessed and charmed as a generation of artists to have he and his peers among us.

Sook Lee
Vitality model and culinary muse, Sook is our in-house totem animal and spirit guide; living proof that courageous and inventive living the secret of eternal youth. She is as [Grand] Mother to Us!


Honoured Periodic Guests::

Ben Cerveny
rocking the casbah from coast to coast, humanoid next-root supercomputer, big Ben is known to periodically materialize here on the left coast of canada, ejected from the smooth flow of liminal space normally connecting LAX with JFK. When this occurs, inter.missionaries are enthralled by his endless lore on emergent systems, his oceanic cognizance of experiential game architecture, and his deep familiarity with the subtle schematic vectors with which we engage in this game of art - a true giant of all imaginings' immanent virtualities...


Advocates and Mentors::

David Rimmer
Someone among us joked that Daivd Rimmer is our biggest supporter - he's been to nearly every inter.mission event. It's true, and we are honoured by the association. One of the first wave of the local inter-media tradition, these proto-video and performance artists staged the kind of unrecordable fluxist 'happenings' which inspire our own group's desires and aspirations. inter.mission thrives in this still-flourishing local tradition, and we are always delighted to party with David's boyish example of how our region's earliest avant-garde electronic artists have ebulliently lived the exploratory path they've blazed..

Eric Metcalfe
Eric is a recipient of Inter.mission's honorary doctorate of letters certificate. Mentor, inspiration, malevolently accused corruptor of the youth, Dr.Brute, Neitzsche of our age, has always exhilaratingly provoked that absurdist intensity which we all must now heroically strive to endure