Editor's Note

This website has been created with three goals in mind, first to give a few of the people at Woodwards a place to tell you what they want, second to invite people to become involved and third to encourage people to vote in the upcoming civic election for candidates that support the creation of decent housing for all.

This website has been created on a purely volunteer basis by Julie Gendron and Marianne Bos. It is not supported by any business, political party or so called political thugs. It has been created by two independent artists that live in the Downtown Eastside concerned about the people they see and meet in their neighborhood. Statements from the individuals on this site were collected between October 2nd to 21st, 2002. We have, to the best of our abilities, asked the individuals involved to approve their statements in the context of this website. The opinions expressed on the "What We Want" or "Writing On The Wall" (http://www.inter-mission.org/woodwards/want.html, http://www.inter-mission.org/woodwards/writing.html) pages and the websites linked to from this website are not those of Julie Gendron, Marianne Bos or the people hosting this website.

Our aspirations lie in the need for dignity for all.


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