Upon first arriving at Woodwards you can expect a slightly cool welcome. These people have hundreds of spectators come down to take their picture without permission, asking them their story and reporting it incorrectly, telling them off and calling them names. Because they are in the open and dealing with traffic and pedestrians walking down the sidewalk it is difficult to know who they are about to engage with. Their fight or flight defense has to remain peaked to live on the street. BUT once you introduce yourself and offer them a hand or a keen interest in what they have to say you will see them brighten up. Most of these people will be delighted to talk to you about why they are there.

There are several ways you can support them;
1) Bring down donations. A list of their needs are located at the following website:

2) Donate money and support the legal defence of the "Woodwards 58".

3) Read their list of demands.

4) Find out who they are and give them respect.



For additional information about Woodwards please link to the following websites;

Friends of Woodward Squat - http://www.woodsquat.net
A great site that includes daily updates about what's going on. News, stories, legal needs, etc.

Downtowneastside.ca - http://www.downtowneastside.ca/hot.html
A good site that offers the Woodward's chronology.

The Unofficial Opposition - http://www.unofficialopposition.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=795
Write a letter or add to the petition

IndyMedia - http://vancouver.indymedia.org/features/Squat/
Offers the feature story and alternative ideas.



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