One of the main purposes behind this website is to introduce some of the individuals at Woodwards and their concerns to those of us who have access to computers and the internet.

Another purpose of this website is to encourage the citizens of Vancouver to vote in the civic election on November 16th, 2002. The percentage of people that have voted in the civic elections in the past is much lower than the provincial and federal elections despite having a large influence over our immediate neighborhoods.

Everyone should ask themselves why people have to live at Woodwards and why so many others have supported them. Whether you live in the Downtown Eastside, Point Gray, Fairview, the West End, etc. everyone has a direct effect on the way we want to see things change or remain the same. Each one of us wakes up with a certain amount of energy each day. How we distribute this energy through the things we buy, what we say, where we play and where we work influences the world around us.


Below are a few links that will direct you to more information about the civic elections;

For voter eligibility go to the Vancouver City's Election Services at:

For information about how to vote go to Vancouver City's Election Services at:

For same day registration guidelines see the Vancouver Charter at:

For information about how Vancouver is governed today go to:

To find out about how Vancouver's Civic government can make decisions about spending on infrastructure, building and major community support programs, read Capital Plan 2003-2005 here:

Find the Vancouver election archive here:

To find a list of who's in the running go here:

For a list of civic political groups and independents who have websites, look here:
· Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE)
· Vancouver Civic Action TEAM
· Vancouver Green Party
· Non-Partisan Association (NPA)
· Vancouver Marijuana Party
· Brian Salmi
· The Dance Party Party



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